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Abineau Bear Jaw Loop Trail

Miles7.2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain 8500 – 10,400 ft

Bear Jaw/Abineau Loop Trail is one of the many awesome hiking trails located in the Coconino National Forest. It’s situated on the north slope of the San Francisco Peaks, about 15 miles north of Flagstaff, just off of Forest Road 418. Bear Jaw Loop Trail has an elevation gain of approximately 1,960 feet with a round trip of about 7.2 miles. This is certainly no easy hike and the elevation gain can get pretty intense at times, especially with most of this trail being uphill.

This hike begins at the parking lot and within about a half mile, you’ll come to a sign marking the junction with Bear Jaw and Abineau Loop Trail. Both trails start out at approximately 8,500 feet in elevation and make a scenic loop through forested canyons and deep woodlands, heavy in spruce and ponderosa pine trees. As you make your way along, you will come across douglas firs and aspen trees. Both Abineau and Bear Jaw Loop Trail connect at the top once you reach the water line trail. From here you can continue the trail alongside the huge canyon, where you can get breath taking views of Humphrey’s Peak and the Grand Canyons north rim. At this point, you’ll come across hundreds of fallen trees and gouged rocks due to an avalanche that occurred in 2005. The elevation gain at Abineau/Bear Jaw Loop tops off at 10,400 feet, making this hike very strenuous and good for a cardio workout.


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