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Bisbee Arizona in One Day

They say Bisbee is a small town with a big imagination. Well, it sure is a small town alright. You could probably do all of Bisbee’s attractions in one day and then you’re ready to go home.

We were strapped for time when we visited Bisbee so we spent our time checking out 72 Erie Street and then we hit Main Street which has all the tourist shops comprised of book stores, antique shops, jewelry shops and more. After that, we had lunch at Santiago’s Mexican restaurant and somehow found our way to the Bisbee Brewing Company where I enjoyed quite a few micro-brews. They definitely had good food and the service was great.

Bisbee was once an old mining town and is located about 90 miles southeast of Tucson. In 2010 the population was estimated at roughly 5,570.

The most popular and greatest attraction in Bisbee, Arizona is the Copper Queen Mine Tour which is lead by actual miners that used to work in the mineshafts back in the day. You’ll have to wear full on gear if you decide to do this tour.

And if you like to take a trip down memory lane then check out 72 Erie Street, Bisbee, Arizona 85603. We actually drove down this abandoned street. No tours or reservations here. Just google map the address and drive down memory lane. It was nice to just explore this little strip and see the old classic cars parked along the street as well as the old, abandoned gas station and grocery store.

If you really want to stay occupied and entertained in Bisbee, you can do the Lavendar Jeep Tours which will take you through the hills and backroads of Bisbee as well as the neighboring ghost towns. We didn’t have time to do any of these tours so we plan on doing another trip to Bisbee, Arizona sometime in the near future.


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