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Cave Exploring a.k.a. Spelunking

Have you ever wanted to go cave exploring with your friends but not sure where to go? Well then Peppersauce Cave is something you may want to put on your bucket list. This is definitely an adventure you will enjoy if you’re not claustrophobic that is.

Cave exploring also known as “spelunking” is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “the exploration of caves as a hobby or profession”. But enough of that let’s talk about this cave here.

As I mentioned earlier spelunking is definitely not for anyone who is claustrophobic. In this particular cave you will be getting very dirty squeezing your body through tight crevices and crawling on your belly to make your way through the cave. There is even a wooden ladder that you’ll be climbing. Just think of this as a video game as you try to squeeze through passage ways and climb up ladders to get to the next level.

Peppersauce Cave is slippery in certain areas so please test your footing if you notice the ground is wet. Is this really dangerous? Of course it is but the danger is minimal as long as you pay attention to what you’re doing, use your common sense and wear the proper gear.

Although no one in our group wore a helmet it is highly recommended that you wear one along with a headlamp. You will be very muddy by the end of this adventure so bringing a change of clothes is highly recommended unless you don’t mind getting the inside of your car dirty.

There is a lake inside the cave and you probably shouldn’t go swimming in it. I read an article about this cave and it had been explored by two divers in 2000. They were not able to finish the exploration due to equipment malfunction, however they did suggest that there are underground passage ways to other parts of the cave only accessible through the lake.

What amazed me about this cave was the temperature inside. I was expecting it to be freezing cold but the whole entire cave was at room temperature. In fact you could bring a sleeping bag in there and you’d sleep very comfortably. This might have been due to the time of year in November.

It’s probably not a good idea to do this cave alone especially your first time. I went here with a group of 10 people. It seemed pretty easy to find our way out. There were arrows that helped guide us back to the entrance we came in.

So where is PepperSauce Cave?

Peppersauce Cave is located approximately 10 miles south of Oracle, Arizona and close to Tucson. High clearance vehicles are highly recommended as you’ll be driving down a very long dirt road before you get to the parking area which will be alongside a dirt road.


Take AZ 77 to Oracle. Head into Oracle, taking American Ave. to Mt. Lemmon Hwy. Follow Mt. Lemmon Hwy. 9 miles to Peppersauce Campground, continue on for another 2.8 miles to the bridge to a retaining wall and a creek, where the Peppersauce Cave entrance lies. Park and go toward the cave entrances on the right.


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