cone mountain circumference trail hiking trails hiking trails in the valley

Cone Mountain Circumference Trail

4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain200 feet

If you’re a tourist looking for an easy hiking trail with nice scenery this could be the trail for you. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona Cone Mountain Circumference Trail is part of the northern section of the Mcdowell Sonoran Preserves. Tourists love to come here because of the easy hiking trails and complimentary amenities such as public restrooms, drinking fountains, and trail maps. There is also a big parking lot that acommodates over 50 vehicles.

There isn’t much to the Cone Mountain Circumference Trail. It’s mostly flat with very little elevation gain. This is the kind of trail you can take your time on while getting great snapshots of the scenery. Trails are used by hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners so please be aware of oncoming trail traffic.


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