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Indoor Rock Climbing

Overall indoor rock climbing is fun for children and adults. Beginners can enjoy easy 20 foot walls to climb while more advanced climbers can scale the more challenging rock panels that scale up to 60 feet high. Just remember that it takes some strength to rock climb so be prepared for a good workout. You will most likely be sore afterwards but it will be well worth it because indoor rock climbing is both challenging and exciting.

If you’re a little nervous about heights like I am just remember the word belayer. A belayer controls the tension of the rope and basically serves as a mechanical brake device if you happen to let go of the rock panels while you’re climbing. Now belaying can be controlled by either end. If you’re going solo your safety net will be a mechanical belayer that is attached to the ceiling. Slip and let go of the rock panels and the mechanical belayer will automatically lock into place preventing you from falling. However if your climbing with other people you have the option of having a partner act as your belayer from below holding your weight and preventing you from falling. It takes a little bit of strength to act as a belayer but its not as hard as it sounds and it is very safe. I’ve climbed indoors many times and belayed for other climbers. It was fun doing both and I felt very safe and confident with the equipment we used.

Arizona is well known for its hiking trails and there are so many of them all over the valley but if you’re looking for something different to do indoor rock climbing might be the thing to try. Indoor rock climbing is a safer alternative to outdoor rock climbing as it is in a more controlled environment. This is a fun activity that you can do solo or with a partner.

Check out some of these locations and see how fun indoor rock climbing really is.


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