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Keet Seel

Miles17 Round Trip
Elevation1,000 Feet

Keet Seel is phenomenal to say the least and if you’re up to doing this very challenging hike, advanced reservations and a back country permit are required which can be obtained at the visitor center.  Keet Seel also has plenty of camping grounds for those who wish to rest here the night before. Bathroom facilities and standing grills are available for your convenience, no campfires are allowed though.

Keet Seel is not for beginners. This hike is very strenuous and exhausting.  Most people that do hike Keet Seel usually hike with 50-70 pound heavy duty backpacks because of the strenuous sixteen mile round trip they have to endure. Quicksand has been known to exist here, however there are no documented cases of the quicksand being deep enough to be life threatening.

north of flagstaff located near Shonto, Arizona west of Keyanta, Arizona


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