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Phoenix Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Friendship Garden Phoenix is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It includes ponds with colorful koi fish and a tea house that’s open once per month for tea ceremonies. The garden is a non-profit organization working in conjunction with the city of Phoenix. Admission as of May 2018 was $7.00. We got two free admission passes from the Scottsdale Library.

It’s Time To Slow Down and Enjoy The Moment

And how could we not enjoy the moment here? I mean being surrounded by luscious, green grass, a 14-foot waterfall, beautiful ponds with over 1,000 colorful koi fish and ducks walking along the grass with their little ducklings following close behind.

Koi Fish

Koi Fish look like giant goldfish as they are bright in color mostly orange or white with black spots. Koi fish are actually descendants of the carp and were originally bred in China and Japan. They can grow up to 3 feet or longer and can live 20-30 years.

Phoenix Japanese Gardens isn’t that big so unless you’re doing the tea ceremony you’ll be able to walk the entire garden in about an hour to an hour and a half. Make sure to take plenty of pictures while you’re there and check out my video shot below here.

The Phoenix Japanese Gardens hosts all kinds of activities year round. You can attend tea ceremonies, wood carving classes, sound healing meditation, garden rental wedding photography and more. Just go to japanese garden phoenix to find all the activities taking place at The Phoenix Japanese Gardens today.


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