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Piestewa Peak

Summit Trail

Miles1.2 miles one way
Elevation Gain1,190 ft (summit 2,608 ft)

Circumference Trail

RatingVery Challenging
Miles3.74 miles one way
Elevation Gain1,400 ft (summit 2,102 ft)

Like doing the stairmaster? then Piestewa Peak may be the hike for you. Located at 2701 E. Squaw Peak Drive, right near 24th Street and Lincoln. This hike is surrounded by freeways, neighborhoods and resorts. Formerly known as Squaw Peak, it has been renamed in memory of Lori Piestewa, A Tuba City soldier who gave her life in Operation Iraqi 2003. Today this mountain is known as Piestewa Peak.

There are two trails to hike here at Piestewa Peak, the Summit Trail and the Circumference Trail, however the Summit Trail is the most widely used averaging out to about 1.2 miles to the top. It is a very rocky hike and has a stair effect, hence the nickname “stair master hike”. Views of the city even halfway up are breathtaking to say the least and there are many pit stops along the way to get a glimpse of the surrounding neighborhoods and cities. Circumference Trail tends to be longer at about 3.75 miles, it’s much more gradual, takes longer but more secluded for people who would rather not deal with crowded trails.


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